Crochet Facial Mask Extension Strap

Straps for facial masks are popping up in the crochet community as we are evolving to daily mask wearing. It helps to ease the constant friction on the ears of the wearer.

Crochet Facial Mask

With the current pandemic and hoarding frenzy of groceries, hand sanitizers and of course, facial mask, people are starting to make their own masks and sanitizer-cozies.

I tried 3 patterns I came across and made some edits (cause some parts just seems weird in some ways; maybe stitches lost in translation 😅) and reviews.

I had made facial masks occasionally because we have "haze seasons" here in Singapore and I initially got the idea to make my own when I remembered, in Taipei where it's a common fashion accessory and they wear it over the actual surgical masks which are usually white and boring. Making my own, I would be able to choose the quality of yarn, aside of course, using my favourite colours. They are also easy and fun to make.

Before anything, do be aware no mask other than filtered ones (E.g. N95) will protect you from the Covid-19. On top of wearing one, you should practice proper hygiene.

I am seeing crafters being "attacked" for "riding" on the pandemic or misinforming readers as these hand/homemade masks are not effective at all against the virus. I doubt anyone is saying they are but the fact that many are making their own is because they are not available or low in quantity in their countries and is better than not wearing one at all.

Readers, please have a mind of your own and educate yourself through official avenues; government websites etc., and not spread hate! If you are capable of this, you may read on...