The Creator

PurpJe - ( pronounced “por-jay” ) a satiric misspelling of her favorite color, replacing “l” with the creator’s initial. The word was also found genuinely misspelled in some old books and hence was able to make out a pronunciation of it’s own, via the Google Books and Google Translate. If you have to, it sounds the best in Romanian.

Online, she can be found by the handle - Purpje, and she goes by Jeanie to her friends on earth. (Yes, she’s real).

Surge with Individuality

Made By PurpJe is all things customized and personalized with individuality.

For the ones who break away from the norm, not to stick out but neither to be homogenized, so everybody can carry a piece they can truly call their own. Beyond bags, we mold gifts that are just as particular, the receiver will always remember.

For the crochet and hand-making community, a ceaseless endeavor to design more patterns for our yarns to feast.