Crochet Among Us Dead Body Amigurumi


Yarn Susan's Family 5-ply (affiliated)
Hook 4 mm


CH Chain
SC Single Crochet
INC Increase
DEC Decrease
SLST Slip Stitch
FLO Front Loops Only
* A * × B Repeat “A” for a number of B times


6 stitches × 6 rows in 1 × 1"


Work in continuous rounds.


Round Stitches Count Colour
1 Begin with 7 SC in Magic Ring 5
2~3 SC in each stitch 7
4 Make another from R1~3.
DEC in the next stitch AND 1st stitch of the first piece.
5 SC on first piece.
DEC in last stitch AND next available stitch of second piece.
5 SC.
5 *SC, DEC* × 4 8
6~8 SC in each stitch 8
9 In FLO, *SC, INC* × 4 12
10 *SC, INC* × 6 18
11 *2 SC, INC* × 6 24
12 *3 SC, INC* × 6 30

Cut yarn and weave in end.


Round Stitches Count Colour
1 Begin with 5 SC in Magic Ring 5
2 INC × 5 10
3 *SC, INC* × 5 15
4~6 SC in each stitch 15

Cut yarn and weave in end. Make another but do not cut yarn. We'll join both feet as we start the body.


Round Stitches Count Colour
1 Continuing from 2nd foot, SC in 1st stitch of 1st foot and then in each stitch, and then back to 2nd foot 30
2~6 SC in each stitch 30
7 Working in both loops of Body and FLO of Bone, SS in each stitch.
Alternatively, you may use sewing instead.

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