Crochet Amigurumi Hollow Knight & Hornet


YarnSusan's Family 5-ply (affiliated)
Hook4.0 mm

Another commission! I don't know what are they but they reminded me of the hollows in Bleach. Opps.. Did that revealed my age? 🙈

The pattern (affiliated) I found did not include the weapons which was later added on.
They are worked in rounds of 5 single crochet (SC) for Hornet's and 6 SC for Hollow Knight's.

Their height difference reminded me of another old anime, Lovely Complex. 🙊

Anyway, these were not too difficult to work up despite how they looked.
It's often taken for granted that patterns should be easily understood but you'd know it's not that straightforward especially when you get one you have a hard time comprehending. So I'm grateful this was a breeze. The designer of the pattern made the technicalities easy to understand and included lots of pictures.

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