Crochet Claris Beanie

This is a pattern for a preemie size beanie suitable for head circumference of 30cm.


Yarn 16-ply Milk Yarn (Bulky/7wpi)
Hook 6 mm


CH Chain
SC Single Crochet
DC Double Crochet
INC Increase
SLST Slip Stitch
BLO Back Loops Only
* A * × B Repeat “A” for a number of B times


12 DC in 3 increment rounds = 10cm


Begin all rounds with CH 2 unless otherwise stated.
End all rounds with SLST to first stitch unless otherwise stated.

Round Stitches Count
1 Begin with 12 DC in Magic Ring 12
2 INC × 12 24
3 *DC, INC* × 12
Diameter: 9cm
4 DC in each 36
5 CH 3 (counts as beginning CH 2 + CH-1 space), skip 1st stitch, DC in next,
*CH 1, skip 1, DC in next* around.
SLST to 2nd of beginning CH 3.
6 CH 1,
*DC under the CH-1 into the stitch skipped on previous round,
(see Pic. 1~2b)     
CH 1, skip next* all around.

Pic. 1
Pic. 1

Pic. 2a
Pic. 2a

Pic. 2b
Pic. 2b

7 CH 2, skip 1st stitch, DC under the CH-1 into the stitch skipped on previous round,  
*CH 1, skip 1, DC in next skipped stitch* around. SLST to top of CH-2.
8~10  Repeat #6~7 - making CH 1 over DC, and DC in skipped stitches in previous rounds - until 1~2 cm to desired height.
I stopped at Round 10 with about 9.5 cm in height.
11 DC under each CH-1 into the stitch skipped on previous round, and HDC in each DC all around. (Pic. 3) 36
12 SC in BLO in each stitch 36

Pic. 3
Pic. 3

And you are done!

Stitches close-up

Other Sizes

Check out my Crochet ANY Hat guide to make this in other sizes or get the PDF which includes sizes for 0 to 12 months.