Crochet Diamond Shawl

Yarn Hobbii Twirls Deluxe

For this Mother's Day, I chose to make my mum a triangle shawl coz she's always cold 🤣.

I had a few gradient cakes on hand, and this earthy tone was easily the first choice. As colors of the nature reminds me of my mum. It might be difficult if I had a green one too. 😅

The pattern is Diamond Shawl from which was easy enough with a few errors.

If you look into my Ravlery record for this project (link below), you'd be able to see the cake of yarn used. I bought it in a 4-in-1 bundle which I thought were E.O.L colorways. However, you will see that the gradient - which runs twice - is slightly different from those on their sites.

I did the repeat in the pattern 4 times which ended nicely in the first white and stopped there. I needed a little more of the white for the edge and tassels, and continued with the white from the outside instead. So this actually took just a little over half a cake. My mum has a small frame so I thought it suited fine. But one day, I'd like to try to make one with a full cake with proper color gradient.

Happy Mother's Day to all mummies!