Crochet Facial Mask Extension Strap

Straps for facial masks are popping up in the crochet community as we are evolving to daily mask wearing. It helps to ease the constant friction on the ears of the wearer.

I call it an "extension strap" because it reminds me of those we used to extend our bras. 🤐

Most of the straps I see are one solid piece with buttons on each end. Although the straps of the masks are usually already elastic, I thought it will be helpful that the length of the strap is adjustable, you know, in case, big head.

I was actually already making straps for another project and thought that would work for this.
It's really just 3 simple parts - the centre solid strap and loop sections on each end. And a button or bead - any fastener, really - right at the middle.

I'd like to point out I made mine with a wooden bead which is very impractical since this strap should be washed regularly but I'm out of buttons, and since we are in a circuit breaker and buttons are apparently not essentials 🙄, I'm using this for now.

I made mine with Lily Sugar'n Cream which actually called for a 5 mm hook but I used a 3.5 mm so it will be snug.

Since it's 3 parts, I try to make the beginning chain divisible by 3 to cut out messy math. I got to 45 chains to make up 25cm. *Lucky* I then added 3 to count as the first stitch.

My loops are 2 chains apart and my stitches double crochet. They are just nice for the size of my bead. Do test that your buttons can go through the loops!

And just DCs for the solid centre piece.

Repeat loops on the other end, sew on the fastener and you are done!
Bordering is optional. However, I find that for single line projects like this, borders help to keep its shape and stretch lesser even after multiple uses and washes. I'm honestly just going to throw this in the washing machine. 😁

And ta-da!

And now, go make your own.

CH Chain
SC Single Crochet
DC Double Crochet
* A * × B Repeat “A” for a number of B times

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