Crochet Facial Mask

With the current pandemic and hoarding frenzy of groceries, hand sanitizers and of course, facial mask, people are starting to make their own masks and sanitizer-cozies.

I tried 3 patterns I came across and made some edits (cause some parts just seems weird in some ways; maybe stitches lost in translation 😅) and reviews.

I had made facial masks occasionally because we have "haze seasons" here in Singapore and I initially got the idea to make my own when I remembered, in Taipei where it's a common fashion accessory and they wear it over the actual surgical masks which are usually white and boring. Making my own, I would be able to choose the quality of yarn, aside of course, using my favourite colours. They are also easy and fun to make.

Before anything, do be aware no mask other than filtered ones (E.g. N95) will protect you from the Covid-19. On top of wearing one, you should practice proper hygiene.

I am seeing crafters being "attacked" for "riding" on the pandemic or misinforming readers as these hand/homemade masks are not effective at all against the virus. I doubt anyone is saying they are but the fact that many are making their own is because they are not available or low in quantity in their countries and is better than not wearing one at all.

Readers, please have a mind of your own and educate yourself through official avenues; government websites etc., and not spread hate! If you are capable of this, you may read on...

None of these designs are mine. Before this, I had been using my own pattern but these are much better. Trust me. 😉

1. Horizontal Stripes

This is the first pattern that made me wanna try despite not being the first one I had seen. You would too looking at those beautiful stripes.

It's made with rows of stitches worked in the Back Loops Only (BLO) which makes the mask shorter than it really is and slightly more stretchable which I feel the others lack. It's done with stitches of different heights, taller as it gets to the middle so the sides are really narrow.

Pattern: Here and if links are broken; here are the graphs for Adult and Child.

If you like more subtle appearance, you can try the next two patterns.

2. Vertical (Centre Increase)

As described, the pattern increases the height and crease equally from the middle across. It's made entirely of single crochets so it's pretty tight and snug, and not too flexible. Masks should not shift, but they should be adjustable if they dun fit right away. I would think it fits a smaller face and nose. 😅 Of course, you can always adjust your yarn and hook size.

Tutorial: Adel handmade

3. Vertical (Top Increase)

This pattern increases the height closer to the middle and top. So you can see the bottom is rather straight across. The sides are wide and the space for the nose is roomy. This would definitely fit someone with a taller nose better than the previous design.

Tutorial: here

I edited the decreasing side slightly.

CH Chain
SC Single Crochet
HDC Half Double Crochet
DC Double Crochet
SLST Slip Stitch
BLO Back Loops Only
* A * × B Repeat “A” for a number of B times

Row Stitches Count
1 CH 15, SC in 2nd from hook, 13 SC. Turn. 14
2 CH 1, 14 SC. Turn. 14
3 CH 1, INC, 13 SC. Turn. 15
4 CH 1, 15 SC. Turn. 15
5 CH 1, INC, 14 SC. Turn. 16
6 CH 1, 16 SC. Turn. 16
7 CH 1, INC, 15 SC. Turn. 17
8 CH 1, 17 SC. Turn. 17
9 CH 1, INC, 4 SC, 2 INC, 10 SC. Turn. 20
10 CH 1, 20 SC. Turn. 20
11 CH 1, INC, 5 SC, INC, 2 SC, INC, 10 SC. Turn. 23
12 CH 1, 23 SC. Turn. 23
13 CH 1, INC, 6 SC, INC, 4 SC, INC, 10 SC. Turn. 26
14 CH 1, 26 SC. Turn. 26
15 CH 1, INC, 7 SC, INC, 6 SC, INC, 10 SC. Turn. 29
16 CH 1, 29 SC. Turn. 29
17 CH 1, 29 SC BLO. Turn. 29
18 CH 1, 29 SC. Turn. 29
19 CH 1, DEC, 7 SC, DEC, 6 SC, DEC, 10 SC. Turn. 26
20 CH 1, 26 SC. Turn. 26
21 CH 1, DEC, 6 SC, DEC, 4 SC, DEC, 10 SC. Turn. 23
22 CH 1, 23 SC. Turn. 23
23 CH 1, DEC, 5 SC, DEC, 2 SC, DEC, 10 SC. Turn. 20
24 CH 1, 20 SC. Turn. 20
25 CH 1, DEC, 4 SC, 2 DEC, 10 SC. Turn. 17
26 CH 1, 17 SC. Turn. 17
27 CH 1, Skip 1st, 16 SC. Turn. 16
28 CH 1, 16 SC. Turn. 16
29 CH 1, Skip 1st, 15 SC. Turn. 15
30 CH 1, 15 SC. Turn. 15
31 CH 1, Skip 1st, 14 SC. Turn. 14
32 CH 1, 14 SC. 14

The tutorials showed how fabric can be sewn on to insert filters or just as an additional layer. I did not layer my masks, I usually place a piece of tissue on the inside, and frequently replaces it throughout the day. So in my case, the mask acts as my "tissue holder". It was extremely useful during haze periods. For now, I'd still put on a N95 mask if I really have to go to crowded places. But there just isn't enough N95 for everyday use!

So for now, I will not be heading out unless absolutely necessary, and if you are stuck at home too, try out the patterns above. Have fun and stay safe!