Crochet Tissue Pouch

Yarn Acrylic 12-ply Yarn
Size 21 × 15.5 cm

I had been making tissue pouches since before Christmas last year for gifts but how is it I did not make one for myself? 😅

So here is one, for myself, using this gorgeous denim effect acrylic yarn, that is surprisingly soft and non-prickly. This yarn reduce some femininity, great for people like myself, who's usually a plain Jane. I also skipped the fanciful borders. I'm expecting le Hubby to ask one made for him. 😆

I had previously made them in the recommended yarn and hook size for the usual tissue packets. As I prefer these larger packs of tissues, I used a 4mm hook instead and 12-ply yarn. 8-ply yarn would work too but might appear more hole-ly.

Color theme of the Winnie The Pooh characters
The design of the stitches is much more obvious with single colored yarn. 😍

The pattern was shared online and in Japanese, there is really no indication who was the author. For anyone who wants to make it, I have shared the pattern here.