Crochet Clear Case Bag

Yarn T-Shirt Yarn
Size 18 × 18 × W8cm

I chanced upon the tutorial for this bag on a video platform equivalent to a Chinese Youtube. I finally found the seller on Taobao and bought a few kits which included the yarn and the hardwares.

I tried to make one exactly per the seller's tutorial, and apart from the yarn seemingly being much thinner than shown, the bag was extremely thin and really awkward. It still looks nice but the functionality was just not there.

It could hold just my cardholder, keyholder and a lip balm. I was so afraid to place my phone in and I could hardly insert my hands to retrieve the items.

The seller insisted the yarn sent were the same as shown on their selling page. 🤷🏻 And that's the reason why I'm not sharing the merchant 'cause I just don't think they're honest!

Disclaimer: my version has 4 rows while the original has 3. This is just to compare the size of each stitch which is of course caused by the different yarn used. And honestly, the end product shown on their selling page looked puffier like the left than the one made with their yarn and pattern on the right.

I made another with my own pattern and yarn, look at the difference!

I will try to look for other merchants, meanwhile, here's my tutorial should you have the materials.

On a side note, this is my first using CC as subtitles. Let me know how you feel about it!

Please share with me if you had bought similar kits and your experience with them, especially so if you have a good source!



I had been asked several times where I got the acrylic boards. You can find them on Taobao.