Crochet Amigurumi Donald Duck

8-ply Bulky Cotton & Acrylic mix
Size 5.5mm hook

An order made by an old friend!

Is it just me or does Donald always look pissed? 😏

I'm glad there are already many patterns out there so I do not have to create one from scratch.
The pattern was rather easy and the most time I spent on were actually the eyes. I do not have oval safety eyes and round ones just made it less "Donald-like" so I attempted to embroider instead. They ended up a bit rectangular but they were much better than circles. 😅

It's the same drill... For more crochet information, click on the ravelry link. I'd also added the link to instagram posts in regards to this project! And for another presence on the world wide web, look through the link menus on the left! 👋🏻