Crochet 3D Leaves Bag

Yarn Raffia Yarn
Size L28 × H18cm

After seeing so many of the local community making this bag, I decided to have a go at it too. Anyway, I had a skein of raffia yarn sitting in storage.

It started out being quite enjoyable as I had presumed the yarn to be very difficult to crochet. It turned out surprisingly smooth.

What was difficult was handling the project, the finished stitches were extremely hard and pointed, making the brushing against the project when crocheting abrasive.

There were a few tutorials around and strangely, none of them were English or Mandarin - when I was searching - so I followed this lady whom tutorial I find the most complete.

However, hers turn out to be a smaller version, which I do not hate, as I already quite tired of it.

Though small, this required more than 1 skein of yarn. Quite a yarn eater due to all the post stitches. I'm still glad I tried it but I do not see the joy of repeating it. 😅