Crochet Tessuto Gaufre

Yarn T-Shirt Yarn
Parts D-rings and Magnetic Closures
Size L32 × W12 × H23cm

After venturing off to other projects, I've finally completed the second piece of my #ReplaceMyLuxuryBags project.

This bag that I'm trying to substitute is very special to me. (I think all my bags are. 😅)
This was a birthday gift from le mister, which he picked and purchased himself without "consulting" me at all!

Of course, this brand has an exchange policy but it was still risky, buying something so pricey not knowing if the recipient would appreciate it. Lucky for him, I loved it.

Together with it was the memory of that romantic evening, I would probably never resell it even though I hardly have the chance to carry it now (and the colour had darkened, probably from oxidation).

Although it's meant to be a substitute, they are not entirely the same. I find that I can don more casual clothing carrying the crocheted bag which I find difficult the luxury one.

The bag is available for custom order, however I had also made a tutorial so fellow crocheters can make your own!

The stitches used mimics the folds and layers on the original bag. You may increase the rolls of SCs before the LSCs to make each set taller. My concerns were that it may cause the bag to be limp and also consume more yarn, so I LSC at every 3rd row.

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