Crochet Amigurumi Pink Bean

Fingering Yarn
Size 2.5mm hook
Yarn needle

I'd been playing Maplestory M for a year now! The time and effort spent doing my "favourite" thing~ 😆

They have some huge balloon displays at JCube the previous week and then Bugis Junction this week to celebrate the PC game's 14th birthday and the mobile game's being 1 year old respectively.

The balloons inspired this amigurumi actually, having seen the cute mob popped out of the screen and so "alive" and "touchable". I'd die if there was a Pink Bean mascot... LOL

I couldn't find any patterns around and so decided to make it as I go.

I should have just do it blob style instead of trying to perfect its bean shape. #virgowoes 😅

I'm going to attempt again when I have more time. And perhaps by then, I'll be able to share the pattern.