Crochet Amigurumi Stretching Cat

Fingering Yarn
Size 2.5mm hook
Yarn needle

We once had a kitty. The first time we brought him out for a walk, he broke out of the new leash and ran off. That'd be 2 years ago in a week's time. His name was Rusty.

I used the "Playing Cats" pattern from Little Bear Crochets. He doesn't usually play like this except the one time he got his ball stuck in a box. 😹

He, however greets me every morning when I open the door, walking towards me and then stretching like that, tail up high. So I'd really call it stretching than playing.

We had been missing him dearly for a few weeks... So I made this amigurumi and placed it at le mister's desk. We do not need reminding but I just want to make something out of memory of him.


P.S. I just want to continue to miss him and not think about all the whys and hows. So all questions will not be entertained.