Basket Weave Cushion

Lovers' Yarn + Spotlight Value Ball 8-ply acrylic
Size 5.0mm hook
Cushion pad, 40x65 cm
Yarn needle

It looks like a pillow but it's actually shorter in width and less bulky so it fits nicely behind the back.

When asked what could be a good crochet Fathers' Day gift in hot Singapore, le mister said a "back cushion".
"Coz all Dads are couch potatoes" - his exact words! 🤣

So I made him one. Well, he may not be a Dad, and I may not exactly have a father but he fed and took well care of me. 😆

This was a simple project with a lot of drama. The cushion we got was bigger than what I had in mind.
I did not have enough of the same type of yarn or of a single color. As I was ranting to le mister, he said "Be creative", so I did.
I added white bars to the side of the "center piece", and for the back, I used black 100% acrylic yarn, doubled-up in double crochets. He had wanted black for the side, but it just doesn't work well. But it looked perfectly fine if it's front and back without seeing both colors at the same time. Just as many cushions that are machine made. 😄

I think it turned out well! What do you think?