Crochet Petit Noe

First creation of my #ReplaceMyLuxuryBags project.

Yarn Cotton Band Yarn
Parts 19cm × 14cm leather base
Size L21cm × W16cm × H22cm

I don't know where did I get this ambitious idea to crochet bags to replace my current luxury branded ones. But it sure got me very excited when the concept first started brewing. 😅

I don't have many luxury bags to begin with, and my preference is quite limited; they are mostly buckets or totes. That made everything much easier.

Of course, I had to make my favorite bag type in my favorite color first. I still remember going ga-ga when I opened the edm, I got down to the store the next day to get it.

It's not exactly a replicate because yarn and leather is so, so, so different. Despite having the same shape and similar design, it gives off a totally different vibe.

I definitely love the outcome and had been my grab-and-go bag since completion. Somehow, it did managed to "replace" something.

I made this with a leather base, which gives it a different character. And this ribbon yarn is so soft but the stitch used makes it firmer which is more suitable for a bucket bag.

If you also love bucket bags, custom-make one for yourself!


Update - I'd switch the yarn drawstring out for a leather one! Really matches the base!


P.S. Some may think the base is negligible because no one pays attention to it. It's actually noticeable when the bag is carried.