Crochet Amigurumi Piggy

It's the year of the pink cuties!

8-ply Bulky Cotton & Acrylic mix
Size 4.0mm hook
Yarn needle

Happy Chinese New Year!

I'm so glad I managed to make this pair of piggies just in time. They are made to resemble le mister and I.
He used to have this red cap he always had on, and I used to have a purple velcro in the shape of a bow to keep my hair in place.

I am not very good at creating facial features. I usually do not "give face" to my amigurumi - unless it's a character - and when I do, I just pray that it will not look weird.
Here, I have the eyes & nose on the girl a little lower, looked as if she's looking up and a little shy. And the boy is just "Yo wassup". We both agree the resemblance is uncanny. 😆

You can find the documentation and pattern on Ravelry.

Have a oink-spicious & pork-sperous new year! 🐷