Crochet Afghan 恭喜發财

Yarn 8-ply Bulky Cotton & Acrylic mix
Hook 6.0mm
Size Approximately 200cm × 150cm

This is my biggest project thus far!
I began looking for yarn and testing the gauge from last October. I had to put aside for a while during the Christmas period to make gifts, it was almost the end of the year when I could get back to it, and it was less than 15% done by the time we entered 2019.

And even though I tested a gauge, it was still a bit off, so I had to get more yarn. Since I bought the yarn all the way from Taobao, I was really afraid they would not arrive in time.

I actually began with 發, then 财, followed by 喜, then 恭. Because I was so unconfident that I could finish in time. I will just have "發财" or at least a "發". 😂

They were very soft and nice to touch but because they were C2C squares, there were many gaps where the children of guests would stick their fingers/toes into.

In the end, I did not stitch the 4 pieces together. It was easier to organize and store than one huge piece of afghan.

I began the pattern on but because the free version doesn't allow alterations after converting to charts, I exported and edited in Excel.

Here's my final graph for this Afghan: