Crochet Waist Pouch

Yarn T-Shirt Yarn
Parts 2 × 30mm matte black button
Size L24 × W10 × H15cm

This is a custom-order by a friend who is a repeat customer. 😊
I had never made a waist pouch or fanny pack so this was yet another great opportunity to rack my brains and enhance some creativity!

The body was a smaller version of the messenger bag.

A crocheted belt may not be the most ideal belt so I made the belt detachable; hence she can it in the future if she wants to. A leather/plastic belt of this width would probably bite into your skin, this however was snug and comfy.

I didn't want everything to be solids but not too out of place so I gave the loop a little contrast in stitches. The loop is actually a granny square!

This was a joy to make even though there were many parts and a lot of stitching from combining. I'm really grateful to this dear friend, I do have a waist pouch in my bucket list but her request just pushed its priority straight to the top. And I was able to discover a lot more about crocheting in this project. 😊

Custom-order one for yourself!