Crochet Hooded Cowl with Cat Ears

I wanted to make a cowl for my coming trip to Taiwan this autumn. My hair had become quite a mess after the cut. It's not exactly difficult to manage, in fact, I became so carefree I may not even brush for days. So I thought a hood should accompany the cowl.. I remember seeing lots of hooded cowls for babies with ears on them, and, combining all of them:

As it's supposed to be for myself, I started out with black. I ran out of yarn (typical), and while waiting for the restock, I thought I will make one in a friendlier colour and also came out with a tutorial video.

It's made with really simple stitches and seaming; double crochet, single crochet, and slip stitch. I also demonstrated the foundation double crochet.

Here's the written pattern:
Crochet Hooded Cowl with Cat Ears pattern

CH Chain
SC Single Crochet
DC Double Crochet
FDC Foundation Double Crochet
SLST Slip Stitch

Measure head for circumference.
1. CH up to length of head circumference, if unsure, check reference table below. With chain straighten, slip stitch to beginning chain to form a loop. I only work in the under loops so the cowl has a nice edge.
2. CH2, DC in same stitch and each stitch around. SLST to first DC.
Continue working rounds till height of cowl is attained. Refer to table below for recommended height.
Cut yarn and sew in ends.

1. CH or FDC half the stitches made in the beginning chain for cowl. E.g. I began the cowl with 60 chains, now I will make 30 FDC.
2. CH2, turn, DC in same stitch and each stitch across.
Repeat until square is formed. Cut yarn and sew in ends. Make another same one but do not cut yarn.

Place squares on top of each other, with knots/ends/imperfections facing inside, start seaming from the corner with yarn still attached. You can seam by sewing, single crochet or slip stitching. I used single crochet in the video for an edgy edge and pointier end. I might use a different approach for my black one.
Seam along the side of square first, which will make the back of the hood.
Continue adjacently to seam the top of the hood.

Hem of hood
With 6 stitches remaining on each square, fold inwards and SC all 4 stitches 3 times.
Another way is to border the opening for the face side for a more refined finish.
Cut yarn and sew in ends

Attach Hood to Cowl
To have the SLST joins at the back, I start at the 31st stitch on the cowl.
Have the outsides of both pieces facing each other, start seaming. With the hood on top of the cowl, I seamed only the front loops of the hood and back loops of the cowl.

I made the ears amineko style, so it will be firmer.
1. Magic ring, 4 SC in ring [4]
2. SC increase in each stitch around [8]
3. *3 SC, Increase* × 2 [10]
4. *4 SC, Increase* × 2 [12]
5. *5 SC, Increase* × 2 [14]
6. *6 SC, Increase* × 2 [16]
7. *7 SC, Increase* × 2 [18]
8. *8 SC, Increase* × 2 [20]
Leave long tail for sewing.
Attach to hood at preferred places.
You'd have to place it more forward than you would amigurumi, or you won't really see it when worn.

Recommended size

Head Circumference Height of Cowl
Babies 0 – 1 YO 45 cm 10 cm
Babies 1 – 2 YO 50 cm 13 cm
Child 3 – 10 YO 53 cm 18 cm
Teens & Women 56 cm 25 cm
Men 60 cm 30 cm
Average of sizes found from internet.
Best to measure actual person.

I hope you'd try this simple pattern and let me know what I can improve on; on anything from pattern to video... Leave a comment, like the video or subscribe to my channel. Anything is appreciated!

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