Crochet Amigurumi Piglet Tsum Tsum

Have you watched Christopher Robin yet? Which is your favourite Winnie the Pooh character?

Mine is Piglet!

On the surface, I resemble nothing like Piglet who is soft spoken and timid. But on a deeper level, we're both lacking in the confidence department and need a pull or push akin that of Winnie, who brings the sun where ever she goes.

Amigurumi is considered easy if you'd done enough but I know there are already patterns out there so I tried to google for one. I was led to Pinterest but links are all re-directed to spam.

Luckily, the designer had her FB page across the pattern, so I can credit the right crocheter.

I like my project as wholly crocheted as possible so I made my own ears.
Piglet Ears
Abbreviations Used:
CH   =   Chain
SC   =   Single Crochet
INC  =   Increase
DEC  =   Decrease
SLST =   Slip Stitch

1. Magic ring, 4 SC in ring [4]
2. *SC, INC* × 2 [6]
3. *2SC, INC* × 2 [8]
4. *3SC, INC* × 2 [10]
5. SC all around [10]
6. DEC, 6SC, DEC [8]
7. DEC, 6SC, DEC [6]
I omitted the legs as I intended to use it as a wrist support. 😜

It's lightly filled with polyester fiberfill so it bounces right back up.

I also used surface slip stitch instead of alternating the colors for the body

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