Crochet Messenger Bag

Yarn T-Shirt Yarn
Size L22 × H19 × W11 cm

Previously, I shared that I was working on a messenger bag that would be practical for travelling. I had a certain shape in mind, and it wasn't of those that I'd been making previously.

Round/circle base is very common for bags and easy to increase but it can make the base bulkier than it seem. It will require more rounds to make it wide enough to hold objects such as long wallet, and that might make it bigger than necessary since the size increases all around.

So I really wanted to make a oval base instead; wide enough for passport/travel documents etc., and can be flatter.

I frogged and redid many many times, so I'm really proud and relieved it turned out well after all. I'm really satisfied with the end product. Comment and share with me your thoughts on this design.. 😊