Crochet Bags

Hi!!! It's been yet another some time after the last post. I got engaged in a temporary role and consequently went on a trip to Japan.

I did not slack for long after that and went into creation of a few bags and purses I intend to sell off online, on both Facebook and Etsy.

I also clean off some dust on my long abandoned Youtube channel...

The making of the bags are quite addictive though tiring coz the t-shirt yarns I used are quite thick and tough.. But I learnt through this that there are actually different widths for t-shirt yarn (they all looked the same to me before then), and darker colored yarns tend to be tougher due to the dyeing process. I'm intrigued in the possibilities of the types of bags that can be created. These bags are after all more "wearable" than crochet clothing in our all-year-summer Singapore~

Enough of my yakking, here they are!

Bucket Bags
I have a thing for bucket bags, crocheted or otherwise, and technically, they are the easiest to design, really. I just looked for tips on the drawstring and sling strap, adjust a little and added to it.

I love how crochet stitches added texture to an otherwise boring bag. To be honest, this is inspired by a brand that makes bags of a similar shape in different sizes & materials. There was a particular line for this small "lunch bag" size in stiff nylon I failed to acquire some years back. This totally made up for it. 😊

These above, I intend to market as "yarn-only" bags; easy to create and maintain.
The whole bag can be completed with just yarn; no extra fastener, clasp, or strap needed.
Maintenance is really low. I had been carrying the black bucket, and I just throw it into the washing machine, and even the dryer. 😁

Clutch Handbags
Every lady should have one. I'm not a gala person but for the occasional wedding luncheons/dinners, it's great to have a versatile one that would easily match most of my dresses. Personally, I'm a Woman-in-Black, but whenever there is a rare dash of color on me, it will be purple.

These have a snapping metal as the closure, which opens/closes the bag depending on the way the metal is bent/pull. I'm not sure about the rest of you but this kind of bag is very old-school to me, something my mum/aunts used to carry. I always find it super cool and sleek. 

Purse with Flap
This will come in handy when you need some "pockets" in your bottomless bag to find items easier. A sling strap can also be attached to instantly turn this into a swingpack.

Currently, I'm working on a messenger bag that would be practical for travelling.

I update promptly on Instagram and Facebook, follow me on both to see the process before the final product is posted here!