Crochet Baby Hat with Ears

Baby hats are one of the projects any beginner would try first, and is a common gift for newborns.

Since I haven't done one in a long time, I googled up for a pattern and found this - polar bear and teddy hats!

ANYWAYS, what I wanna focus here is how I attached the ears. The different colors used made the needlework appeared really obvious. It is frustrating when nice crochet work is tarnished by poor needlework, and I really do have poor sewing skills.

I attached by only the inner loops of the ear (folded half), and went back the same hole it came through the hat. This way, there's only a single line on the underside of the hat.

Inner loops only
The outer loops also help to hide the connection.

So they appear to sit nicely on the hat.

And here's it modeled on minion.

Hope you enjoyed my tip!