Crochet Stuffer Pillow for Bag

Crocheting really is the thing I turn to in turning points of my life. Now that I have loads of time on hand, I dug out some WIP to work on.

Unlike this blog, this wasn't abandoned since 2015. I started on it after I moved in last year. Taking bags out of boxes, I realized some were not given stuffers, and had lost their shape. I know many people use newspapers but I think they are really filthy. I thought I would just make myself one (or two or as many as needed). Let's just skip all the stories for the pictures.

Before After

A crease is created as the bag caved in for a long time without a stuffer/filler. It'd would probably be gone after being stuffed/stretched over time. *I hope* 🤞

Anyway, I need to make more of these for the other bags. I thought I'd customize and improve its functions by placing perfumed balls and silica gel packs in them. What do you think?