Crochet Amigurumi Sheep


Completed in time when we're still in the New Year festive mood.

The pattern is from All About Ami.

I officially announce this the hardest crochet work ever. Amigurumi or not, fluffy yarn is too much for me. I couldn't get the furry-fluffy, instead I got the really frilly-fluffy which was really really hard to work with.

This was actually my 3rd attempt.. My tenacity surprises me!

Even with great perseverance, I still could not work with not seeing the loops and just feeling my way. SO, I did it with some thoughts..

For the first fluffy row, I only go in the back loops, and then the next row in the back loops, and so on for the whole head..

This cause a gap between the fluff that actually isn't as obvious as rows go on and these gaps actually help attaching parts together later on.

As this was really tedious, especially for attaching, so I tried a different approach for the body.
I did it all in wool yarn first, all in the back loops.

looking like Piglet's torso.. LOL
Then I attach the parts except the head. Normal yarn attachment is much easier then feeling around in fluff.

Then I go over the leftover front loops with fluff.
True enough, this took much lesser time than the previous method.

And Meh Meh {Baa Baa} is done!

A look at its butt
I used wool yarn for its tail instead of fluff, it was close to impossible to go double on that small ball.

Meh Meh's corner

P.S. Le mister said it looked like a white lion. 😓