Crochet Grape Pouch

I think this name is apt since there's the Raspberry Pouch.

Like I promised, I'll (sort of) show the process pictures.

The pattern asks for 4 sides, and creating the 2nd pouch, I thought I've got a better idea attaching them.

After attaching the first two as usual, instead of finishing, I continued across, and ends up with what looked like a ribbon (or bra, lol). Weave off, and then start the other way, like a ×. I find this more efficient because I only have to line them once when going the first way.

So this is what you get after finishing the other axis; half a melon, a bowl or a cap, whatever. Then you SC along the top, ensuring it's in multiples of 4.. and continue with the pattern..

This yarn is fat and fluffy (and I'm glad I found purple) I used a little over 2 of the 50gs, which is about 50m. I didn't even use the full pattern, this is really a yarn-eating pattern..

Okay.. last one with roses I'm trying for another project.