Crochet Raspberry Pouch

Finally an item that doesn't require stuffing..

I love, love, love this yarn which reminds me of raspberry ice cream.. Literally drooling while doing it.. LOL

What looks like a baby hat is actually a pouch. This is a present for an October birthday girl.
I got the present first, which is a L'Occitane lotion of a scent I especially like and which I find rather uncommon in the market: Peony. I still love Rose but rose scents are sooo yesterday..

Anyway, I used this pink yarn which goes with the pink bottle and went out to get matching pink strings. I think I totally got the girly feel I wanted for a sweet lady.

I'd usually link up the patterns on my Ravelry but I really couldn't remember where I got this, plus I made some amendments, like adding the ruffle.. so here's the recreation..

Drawstring Pouch pattern
Sides - Make 4
1. Ch 16, SC in second chain from hook, 13 SC , 3SC in last chain, 14 SC back up the other side of chain. CH to turn (31)
2. SC in next 15 stitches, 3SC in next stitch, SC in next 15 stitches. CH to turn (33)
3. SC in next 16 stitches, 3SC n next stitch, SC in next 16 stitches. CH to turn (35)
4. SC in next 17 stitches, 3SC n next stitch, SC in next 17 stitches. CH to turn (37)
5. SC in next 18 stitches, 3SC n next stitch, SC in next 18 stitches. CH to turn (39)
6. SC in next 19 stitches, 3SC n next stitch, SC in next 19 stitches. CH to turn (41)
7. SC in next 20 stitches, 3SC n next stitch, SC in next 20 stitches. CH to turn (43)

Join 4 sides together.

Top of pouch
1~2. 2 rows of SC along the top
3. Ch3, DC in next 2, Ch 1, skip next stitch, *DC in next 3, CH 1, skip next stitch* around. SS to top of first Ch3.
4. Ch1, SC all around.
5. Ch3, 2DC in same stitch, 3 DC all around.

Joining the sides were like attaching peeled orange skins back together. LOL

I didn't took photos of step-by-step as I didn't thought I would reproduce the pattern. I now have another idea in mind for this pattern and I might take more photos for that. A fluffy idea. (>‿◠)✌