Amigurumi Moon Bunny

I'm colourful but no doubt, I'm the Moon Bunny.

This cute bunny made just in time for Mid-Autumn!

No, just kidding...
This is a birthday present for a sista. Last year, I made TongTong for another sista.
Because after I made DearDear, who makes a really good companion and make everything photo-worthy 😄, I thought I should make one for my friend too... She was single then, so I thought it would maybe add a lil' colour to her daily life like Deardear did mine.

Secretly loving the little tail

Of course, both friends have fantastic personalities and great lifestyle, and lots more friends than I do. Such a companion is on a different level, unless you leave him behind, he's never gonna abandon you. PLUS! It doesn't poop. 😆✌

P.S. Due to a few reasons, many links are broken, here's TongTong & DearDear.

Tongtong is short for "Sotong", and although sotong is squid and not octopus, we'd (we, being a group of friends) always associated sotong to octopus and then to that particular sista, as she's particularly blur at times. Blur as a sotong. get it?

Deardear, is sort of an endearment, as I already have a "Honey" and a "Darling". 😅