Crochet Cosmetic Case with Rose

Finally completed this (almost) year-long project... This is not difficult, in fact I'd completed the crocheting in a day or two..
This was meant for a present but when I came to the zip part, I realized it's not good enough for a gift so I placed it aside and moved on to other projects..

Recent standstill in life made me dig out all PhDs (Projects Half Done).

I had wanted to attach the zip with transparent thread so that sewing is concealed nicely. But difficulties with that plastic-y thread is it shifts during sewing and you can't sew along too tightly else there would be dent-ins. I took a "re-look" and decided to use the yarn itself instead and sew in a way that appeared like "join-the-dots" since the case itself looks really "cute" rather than lady/romantic that I thought it would be.
Mine also came out to be smaller at 11cm X 16cm.

I personally do not use makeup pouches as I do not touch up. But I do have an "Emergency Pouch" where I put stuff like bandages, anti-bacterial hand gel, blotters, eyeliner (yes, it's emergency) and a tape that can be used either on the body or clothes or shoes, usually to avoid bumps from new shoes.. So here, all could be stuffed in.