Amigurumi Pikachu

PikaPika & DearDear

I made this for Hubby who said he's gonna place it in his office now that he has his own desk. He'd ❤ Pikachu since young and had never stopped loving. I think boys from those era all do. He doesn't go for merchandises though. He'd show a little excitement when he sees one to only me and probably a few closed ones who'd appreciate his cuteness. He's a 'man' man after all.

It is complete if you think it's missing a face. I've never put features on dolls/toys. You can see from DearDear to TongTong and even the Christmas characters coasters I made does not come with a smile. I do not like to assume all plushy will smile especially if it's gonna be your lil' buddy. It should cry and get angry with you, and bitch bout with you. Yup, just like an imaginary friend.

Update: Sadly, it seems the tutorial for this is no longer available. 😞